Update on June 30, 2021

Time80RE GB orders:  

I received several reports that the DHL tracking numbers were created on 11th but the status has never been changed since then. 

I've consulted with the shipping proxy. One possible reason is that the tracking numbers were expired before the freight space is allocated. Hong Kong DHL is having freight space shortages right now. The old tracking numbers will be replaced with new ones once the freight space is allocated. 

If your tracking numbers have such issues. Please send an email to me (runninghack@gmail.com) . I'll reply to you once I get the updated tracking numbers. 

Edit on 07/03: I've received more emails than I expected since the last update on 06/30. As I explained, all those packages were sent to a Hong Kong shipping proxy first from Shenzhen, then sent out through DHL, UPS, and Fedex. It is a shipping proxy that we've been collaborated for a year but how they handled this shipment is ridiculously bad. I'm sorry about this. If you haven't received an email from me with the new tracking number, please be a little more patient. I'm still waiting for the new tracking numbers as well. 


Edit on 07/07: Most of the tracking numbers don't need to be updated. The status should be changed soon if not already. Please let me know if your tracking info still doesn't change in two days.