Updated on May 25, 2021

Time80RE GB orders:  

The 5th batch was shipped to the HK DHL proxy on 05/24. https://imgur.com/y8znMi8

The Hong Kong DHL Express has difficulties on booking freight space recently. The last batch took more than 10 days until they are actually shipped since they arrived DHL's warehouse. I expect to update the tracking numbers of the 5th batch after 10 days. 

Unfortunately, the 6th and 7th may not be able to be shipped by the end of May. All the brass parts have been fixed so nothing is holding us now except for the semi-assembly and packing process. If you haven't received a tracking number, it's because your kit is in the 5th, 6th, and 7th batches. You will be notified once your tracking number is updated. 


Time80RE leftover parts:  

Won't be available until GB orders are all fulfilled. 


Leaf65 GB:

I'll have an update this weekend.


Accessories reproduction: 

Leaf60, Leaf80, Key65 PCBs will be available this year. 

Leaf60, Key65 gaskets will be available this year.