Time 80 Reforged - Case & Weight

Time 80 Reforged - Case & Weight

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DO NOT place the order before reading the descriptions. 

What's included: 

  • Top and bottom cases
  • PCB
  • Bottom weight/accessories
  • Bottom tempered glass cover
  • Screws
  • Rubber sheet under the plate 
  • Rubber feet

Please note

  • Take your time and make the decisions carefully. Please don't email me to change options after the order is placed.
  • I will charge a 2% transaction fee for any order cancellations. Combining two orders costs 2% of one order's total. It's the transaction fee Shopify charges me.
  • This is not the complete kit. You also need to place an order for the plate and badges in another link. Add both to cart then checkout. 
  • Split plates and hot-swappable PCBs may have potential issues. I've tested this combination and didn't see any problems. However, the R1 and R4 switches may get loose over time if you press hard. I recommend regular plates for hot-swappable PCBs. 
  • This is a group buy. You will not receive the product any time soon after you placed the order. The lead time of delivering it to you is 5 months. 

For more information, please visit the Group Buy thread on Geekhack: 



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